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TRUST your message to the resource people across the Islands have trusted....everyday since 1999.

The V.I.Source launched in January 1999 and has, over the last nearly two decades, become an essential facet of Virgin Islands life. With more than 6 Million page requests per year from 1.05 Million unique visitors, the V.I. Source publications – St. Thomas Source, St. Croix Source and St. John Source – have solidified themselves as the trusted voice of the news that matters. Our numbers prove it. You can trust us with your advertising. We aren’t reporting wildly exaggerated news. We aren’t making wildly exaggerated claims. We can prove it.

The Source is not your Average Advertising Medium

The Source is a newspaper. What does that mean? New content 24/7. What does that mean Repeat visitors 24/7

A visitor to an average website spends :15 seconds. Source readers on average spend 10 minutes

Rule of thumb is that it takes 5 impressions of an advertising message to build recognition and trust. Your message could be seen as many as 6 million times a year. 125,000 times a month. 18,000 times a day. Not your average advertising medium. And we can back it up.

The Source Capturing the Attention of the Virgin Islands

Source Readers: Come Back. Stick Around. See Your Message.

Source readers spend 3 times more time on the Source than an average visitor to an average website. More than 79 percent of users return to the Source more than once a day and 94 percent visit more than once a day or the next day making your message an integral part of life for up to 80-90,000 or more unique visitors a month.

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