Source Facts

Source Facts

In a lecture in the Virgin Islands, Philadelphia Inquirer reporter and best-selling author of “Black Hawk Down,” Mark Bowden, was clear:

“the Internet is the best, and in some ways only, place to put your advertising dollars.”

At the Source we couldn’t agree more.

The internet is a wonderful place to be, and we’ve been the leading source of news and information in the Virgin Islands for eighteen years and counting.

But don’t take our word for it. You can see our numbers from Google Analytics — the most trusted source for statistics about site traffic.

The Source: Over 6 Million Reasons to Advertise

In 2016, The Source again recorded 6+ million Page Views. That’s 6 million requests to view The Source and read its content — and 6 million times our advertisers delivered their message to those who trust The Source for accurate news and information about the USVI.

The Source: We Repeat: Repetition is the Key to Advertising Success

The Source recorded 1.05 million Unique Visitors in 2016. With that volume your message achieves unparalleled penetration among those who live, or want to live, work, conduct business and play in the Virgin Islands.

Source readers spend on average 3x more time on the Source than an average visitor to an average website – 2:36 per session, with 20% of Source readers spending from 3 to 15 minutes on the site.

A visitor to an average web site spends 0:58 seconds – less than a minute and – poof – they’re gone!
79% of Source readers visit more than once per day, and 94% more than once a day or the next day.

For your message, those are “can’t miss” numbers.

The Source: Moving in a Mobile World

The Sources is rapidly becoming the choice for users of mobile devices, with over 50% of our visits coming from mobile — and growing!

If you want to reach that increasingly large percentage of people who rely on mobile devices, The Source is your best choice in the USVI.

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