Advertising Sizes

Advertising Sizes

Masthead Right

This prestigious position guarantees prime exposure for your business. 180 x 80 pixels.


Rotating along the right side – where readers eyes naturally travel – this Big Billboard Format offers bold exposure with lots of room for your message. 180 x 600 pixels.

Small Skyscraper

A more cost effective choice with all the qualities of the Skyscraper. 180 x 300 pixels. 180 x 300 pixels.


This larger format rotating ad combines competitive pricing with proven placement. 180 x 120 pixels.

Masthead Left

Get in line for this fixed placement, ubiquitous, non-rotating ad. It is currently held by an advertiser with first right of refusal. 125 x 90 pixels – TAKEN.


The most popular rotating ad, with lots of surprise placements along the left side of all the inside sections and rotating along the fold of the front pages. It’s monthly impressions are impressive!  120 x 60 pixels.

Big Banner

High visibility, combined with limitless design possibilities make this a peerless choice. 468 x 60 pixels


Versatile and engaging, Source in-article ads get you inside the story along with the readers. (Limited to two-week flights) Sizes vary to meet your needs: 330 x 330; 400 x 400; 400 x 600; 425 x 550; 460 x 680; 460 x 400 pixels

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Advertising on the Source: The Fine Print

Standard display ads on the Source rotate randomly throughout our sites every time a page loads. This means that as a reader navigates a Source site, each time they “click” on something — either to read a story, move to a different section, or perhaps instant-message a colleague or friend, the page re-loads. And each time a page re-loads, a new group of advertisements appear. This process takes place with an even randomness that guarantees our advertisers equal exposure.

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