About Us

About Us

Since 1999 the Virgin Islands Source – the U.S. Virgin Islands ONLY on-line only newspaper of general circulation – has been providing the community with up-to-the-minute, reliable, accurate, and FAIR news and information.

We have stood through the V.I.’s technological infancy, storms,  political vagaries,  cyber attacks and other attacks, world and local financial crises, power outages and communications breakdowns.

We have demanded of ourselves as the community demands truth and credibility in journalism.

We ARE the community.

We reach the people of the Virgin Islands wherever they are,  along with those who care about and are invested in our islands.

We are not just another pretty site.

We are not  a sensational flash in the pan.

We are THE trusted Source for up-to-the-minute news and information in and for the U.S.V.I.
on line every day, since 1999

V.I. Source: News you can trust

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